Civil engineering is the main activity of Proesza. For its proper development PROESZA has a team of professionals capable of carrying out different types of projects, preliminary projects, reports, studies and reports in different areas of action:

Road infrastructures and urban developments
Roads and paths, renovation of streets and services, structural calculations, urban planning, industrial estates...
Hydraulic infrastructures

Canalizations, hydraulic and hydrological studies, sewage treatment plants, drainage and flooding studies, gauging stations...

Conditioning and restoration of watercourses, environmental studies and environmental sustainability reports, waste management studies...

Technical offers for construction tenders, opening and activity licenses, legalization of wells for geothermal exploitation...

We also provide technical assistance and management of works related to civil engineering in all its phases, including bids, advice, work plans, minutes, safety coordination, reports, environmental monitoring of works, economic control: certifications and measurements, control of the quality assurance plan, settlements, etc...

Expert reports

Proesza has extensive experience in the drafting of expert reports. These types of reports are carried out at the request of courts of justice, individuals, companies, professional associations, law firms and public administrations.