Industrial building

PROESZA has extensive experience in the field of industrial building, having intervened in more than 300,000 m2 of industrial building. Depending on the customer's requirements, Proesza is able to intervene in all phases of the process:

Design and planning

Study of the possible conditioning factors and the technical and economic viability of the required action.

Authorizations or permits

Proesza can manage the relations and bureaucratic procedures before Public Administrations, City Councils, etc., as well as applications for subsidies, permits, legalizations, licenses... that may be necessary in each case.

Projects and pre-projects

The work of taking topographic data, preparation, approval and presentation of the project, including the selection of contractors and collaboration in contractual matters are carried out. In addition, the complete construction is offered as a turnkey solution.

Construction management / Technical assistance

Site management or technical assistance during the construction phase, health and safety coordination, economic and deadline control, etc.