Photogrammetric flight with UAV at Montearagón dam (Huesca)

Proesza has been selected as the company awarded the contract to provide technical assistance for the commissioning of the Montearagón dam.

A photogrammetric flight has been carried out using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to obtain an ortho-photography of the current state of the entire slope affected by the I-13 landslide.

The area was flown over in automatic passes, obtaining photographs with at least a transversal overlap between passes of 60% and longitudinal overlap of 75% and when the sun was in the zenith position as much as possible to reduce the impact of shadows on the orthophotography generated.

The piezometers and inclinometers have also been surveyed in real time in order to have their location on a general map.

Year: 2021

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