Topography and geology works in the Lafortunada tunnel (Huesca)

Image generated by laser scanner in topography and geology works in Lafortunada tunnel, Huesca.


This phase of the work was carried out with a GTL-1003 Topcon equipment. This equipment is basically a robotic total station with a laser scanner.

Being a laser scanner on topographic equipment, all scanned elements are observed in georeferenced coordinates.

A theoretical channel axis has been defined on the scanned channel data. This axis has served as the basis for the extraction of transversal profiles of the channel every 20 meters.


A detailed reconnaissance of all the accessible sections of the Cinqueta Canal has been carried out, verifying and checking the documentation provided by the property, and making an inventory of the different pathologies observed, which can be grouped into the following types: spalling, buckling, cracks and fissures, water surges, landslides, falling rock wedges, falling blocks from the vault/vault coverings, falling blocks from the rock massifs.

Year: 2020

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